Ivan Radic/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

A 2022 survey of Gen Z Filipinos on the dating app Tinder found that 73% of respondents prefer knowing how their date feels about them, while 70% said they would like their date to prioritize making time for them. 

Respondents value those who “let their guard down and speak from the heart,” with 61% saying they prefer to be open and upfront when it comes to talking about their feelings. 

“By keeping an eye out for these ‘green flags,’ you can get a read of where it’s all going. Green flags are the healthy and promising signs a match gives to indicate they are a legitimately good person,” said dating expert Alita Brydon in official statement. 

She listed the green flags that were corroborated by the survey conducted by Tinder and marketing research company OnePoll:

  • They ask for your opinion.
  • They make time for you.
  • They’re respectful to their exes.
  • They’re comfortable talking about their feelings.
  • They’re fair with money.
  • They respect your boundaries. 

Other green flags include how a match treats their exes and financial compatibility.

“While an ex might be someone your date would rather forget, they still need to be treated with respect. Watch how your match speaks about their former flames: is it with good manners and consideration? It’s a sign they’ll also treat you with dignity and care,” said Ms. Brydon. 

Meanwhile, fairness with money ensures that the date budget is balanced and/or acceptable for both parties. 

“Meeting up should be more fun than a financial burden — and making sure the date budget is balanced is a major green flag,” she said.

To help potential matches get to know each other, Tinder rolled out a video chat feature in 2020 to allow users to meet digitally and better assess chemistry before meeting face to face. 

At the same time, the Tinder Safety Centre includes a “Does This Bother You?” tool that detects harmful language and gives members an avenue to report untoward behavior. 

The survey by Tinder and One Poll was conducted online among Gen Z Filipinos using the app in April 2022. — Brontë H. Lacsamana