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YouTube chef comes out with ‘super pretty’ kitchenware

SHEILLA Lopez, a fitness enthusiast and YouTube chef, has come out with her own line of kitchenware.

Ms. Lopez , who earned her Le Grande Diplome from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in London, has about 28,000 followers on her YouTube account. She’s been cooking for about a decade, but her YouTube account, where she shows her takes on both world cuisines and local fare, shows videos uploaded from up to four years ago.

She started her own line of kitchenware, consisting of silicone whisks, muffin pans, sifters, pans, and even her own handheld mixer (with her name emblazoned on the side), last year. In a message to BusinessWorld, she said, “I decided to put my name in my kitchenware essentials because Chef Sheilla is a brand. I’m just proud of what I have accomplished so far because I started from very humble beginnings.”

In her website, she describes cooking and baking for family and friends after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Saint Paul University, and working for a hotel in Manila as its F&B Cost Controller.

Pastels play a huge part in Ms. Lopez’s aesthetics, if one were to judge from her videos of making ube (purple yam) ice cream, avocado-lime cheesecake, and fluffy matcha cake. Her favorite shades thus come out in the line: “The deal breaker is the products need to be in super pretty colors!” She added, “I’m biased with the colors. You can really see that the line has my personal touch. Pastel hues are my favorite and I think it’s really pretty and cool to the eyes.” Sure enough, the products come in soft powder blue and blush pink.

“I have a very high standard when it comes to the kitchen tools I use and with Chef Sheilla Kitchenware, I handpicked each piece,” she told BusinessWorld. “I tested their functionality and durability and made sure that they’re not going to be super expensive.”

She said that her reason for coming out with her own line were her own followers, who would ask her about the tools she uses in the kitchen. “I’m not going to lie: I have collected many branded kitchenware pieces over the years and they are quite pricey. Many of my followers get intimidated by this. They think they can only make these recipes using expensive tools. I always remind them that they can still create perfect dishes with affordable and reliable kitchenware, so I looked for suppliers that will be able to provide me with products that are multi-purpose, affordable, and have top-of-the-line quality.” The hand mixer, her favorite from the line, for example, costs P1,500. “I can whip creams and batters in small batches or large batches without using the stand mixer.”

The products are available on her website (www.chefsheilla.com), and through Lazada and Shopee. — Joseph L. Garcia