ENDERUN COLLEGES is opening a new College of Architecture and Design, with enrollment beginning in mid-August of this year. It will be offering two new professional undergraduate degree programs: Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Bachelor of Science in Interior Design.

“There are already many good schools for architecture and design. What Enderun hopes to do and to contribute to this space, is a systematic process of thought-leadership,” said Dr. Edgardo Rodriguez, President of Enderun Colleges and the Dean of the College of Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship during a press conference via Zoom last week. “We hope that students don’t just learn a craft, but learn the purpose of that craft.”

“The beauty of a living space must go hand in hand with its sustainability,” he said.

Citing their strengths, Mr. Rodriguez underlined their partnerships in institutions here and abroad, with Enderun’s goal of bridging the academe and practice. “Unlike other undergraduate schools, our internships in Enderun can last a full year… it’s really starting a job,” he said, also citing over 800 partnerships around the world.

Of course, the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) pandemic has put a damper on things, especially since Mr. Rodriguez says that plans for the college have been cooked up for more than four years. “The pandemic has made this launching difficult, but perhaps… it has only given [it] the right time to launch. The underlying theme of the new college’s focus is moving out of architecture and design’s comfort zones into new urgent realities and challenges.”

As mentioned above, enrollment begins in mid-August. Financial aid scholarships and grants may be awarded to deserving students. The semester would be broken in half, with the first half commencing online. By September, the college will gauge the pandemic situation in the country and make a decision regarding blended learning. — JLG