FILM and television actor, Albert Martinez

LIKE Samson, actor Albert Martinez cares deeply about his hair.

“Hair loss is the greatest fear of all men,” Mr. Martinez said in a statement. “Me personally, that is also my fear.”

Mr. Martinez, one of this country’s most desired leading men, just hit 60 but probably won’t look that age for quite some time. He attributes this to his self-care regimen, which includes eating properly, staying away from junk food, sleeping well, avoiding alcoholic drinks, and applying a night cream. Some of the credit goes to Medic Hair for Men, a hair serum for which he serves as ambassador.

Medic Hair aims to sustain regrowth and avoid the occurrence of hair loss. Ingredients like saw palmetto and ginseng extract target the primary cause of hair loss, dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

“You really have to consider helping your hair,” Mr. Martinez said. “You need a serum to keep your hair healthy and thick.”

His other haircare tips, shared with BusinessWorld via e-mail, include not using a shampoo. “He just wets his hair, towel dries it, and [then he] applies Medic Hair,” said a representative. The serum is applied to the hair and scalp area twice a day for two to four months, then once daily continuously for maintenance after achieving desired results.

“Taking care of oneself is very important,” Mr. Martinez said. “It defines your personality, your character. You want to live long and enjoy life longer.”

“If you can keep your hair on your head, that’s the best!”

Medic Hair For Men is available at Shopee and Lazada for P1,790 per bottle, good for one to two months of regular use. — JLG