By Nickky Faustine P. de Guzman

THERE ARE three reasons to download the newest free mobile application called Findr: it’s a brainchild of a local company, it promotes face-to-face interaction, and it removes bad vibes on your feed.

image11“The application does not focus on people, but on interest. When you pursue an interest, you’ll find the people you’ll like. We do not focus on online activities. It has no status. There will be no conflict, walang (there are no) political posts. There’s no drama. Findr is trying to do it the other way around,” said Angelo Kaufmann, Findr cofounder and technical manager at a press launch on Oct. 25.

Findr incorporates the features of Facebook’s feed and chat, Foursquare’s geotagging, and Google Plus’ contacts, but it is not technically considered a social media application.

“We don’t try to compete with anyone. Facebook is Facebook. Findr is something you cannot categorize. Findr is trying to bridge the gap by providing and creating your own memories rather than just liking a post,” he added.

image10“It’s like a social app but different in a sense that in traditional social media, you have to add friends before you get to know their personality and likes, but it’s the other way around in Findr. It’s a platform for activities you enjoy,” added Salvador Silva, Jr. III, Satellite GPS Tracking and Asset Management Systems Corporation chief executive officer.

The Satellite GPS Tracking and Asset Management Systems Corp., a Philippine-based company with headquarters in Iloilo, developed the Findr app.

So how does it work? It’s a free app available on iOS and Android that lets you post events or look for events that suit your personality and likes. The activities range from, say, mounting climbing to baking, and even garage sales and gallery events.

The general categories are: food and drink, hang out, night life, arts and entertainment, educational, events, sports, open market, and, for a cause.

image9Mr. Kauffman said the Findr’s main goal is for people to interact beyond the screen and to go out and have fun. “It is reconnecting people to the ‘real’ world with the same collective interest.”

Still, there are concerns on safety and security online that need to be tackled. A user’s online identity may be vulnerable to hackers and stalkers, especially if they share too much information online.

When asked how Findr answers this problem, Mr. Kauffman said: For safety purposes, Findr users are required to input a group code before they can join a specific group. Findr also doesn’t hold vital information like your birthday or your address, while your phone number is optional.

Made available earlier this year, Mr. Silva said the app targets to have half a million to one million users in three to six months.