Bad nights in bed are over with the Dunlopillo Talasilver Wave Zenith mattress (PHP390,000). While the mattress can’t assure that you’ll feel less lonely at night, its stabilizing springs do promise that you won’t feel a thing if and when a person slips into bed with you. While most of the beds in the Talasilver line come with the stabilizer, the Zenith comes with an extra layer of gel that serves as added support.

The new line was vulcanized by means of electromagnetic waves, ensuring that the natural latex is cooked inside and out. This process, according to Dunlopillo, leads to more stability. Meanwhile, the mattress ensures consistent blood circulation through “ergo-pressure” technology,” which supposedly reduces tossing and turning at night. To demonstrate this, Jam Chan, managing director for Ital Design, which distributes the mattresses in the Philippines, attempted to pull apart a piece of sample foam, only to fail. “It conforms to any shape,” she said.

The mattress is also designed to cool down a warm body, because apparently, your body needs to reach a certain temperature to go into deep sleep. The Zenith is also covered with biorhythmic fabric, which means that it is injected with minerals that help “destress” and “rejuvenate” the body, according to Ms. Chan. By the way, the “silver” in Talasilver isn’t just some slick trick: the mattress incorporates nano-silver technology that can supposedly kill 99.9% of bacteria. To those wondering if the Talasilver is worth its price tag, Ms. Chan had this to say: “You’re sleeping a third of your life, right? If you divide it, it costs you one peso or something.” Visit — JLG