THE average retail prices of well-milled rice increased in six trading centers in early November, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) reported.

The PSA said that during Nov. 1-5 period, or the “first phase” of the month, prices of well-milled rice increased by P0.04 to P2.74 compared to October.

Prices in the National Capital Region (NCR) increased P0.04 on average to P42.06 per kilogram. In Baguio City, they rose P0.76 to P38.59, in Batangas City P1.75 to P49.00, in Calapan City P0.42 to P44.02, in Legazpi City P0.56 to P38.18, and in Iloilo City P2.74 to P41.32.

Prices dropped P0.26 to P37.92 in Butuan City, P0.74 to P42.21 in Digos City, and P1.79 to P33.59 in Tuguegarao City.

Retail prices for bone-in pork rose in eight trading centers in the same period.

Prices rose P54.00 to P340 in Batangas City. In Cabanatuan City, they rose P25.00 to P300, in the NCR P9.62 to P273.90, In Iloilo City P24.00 to P250, in San Fernando City P20 to P340, in Legazpi City P10.71 to P354.45, in Tuguegarao City P10.00 to P300, and in Calapan City P2.30 to 287.77.

Prices fell in four trading centers. In Baguio City, they fell P16.97 to P275.76, in Cebu City P16.25 to P178.75, in Digos City P15.31 to P260.20, and in Butuan City P4.13 to P245.87.

The average retail price of galunggong (round scad) rose in nine trading centers.

In San Fernando City, prices rose P55 to P200. In Pagadian City, they rose P43.75 to P148.75, in Tuguegarao City P30 to P220, in Baguio City P14.57 to P194.29, in Calapan City P11.11 to P255.56, in Butuan City P6.58 to P202.53, in Digos City P5.00 to P155, and in the NCR P0.70 to P231.34.

Prices fell P8.31 to P166.23 in Iloilo City, and P60 to P190 in Cabanatuan City. — Luisa Maria Jacinta C. Jocson