The roomiest SUVs

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An SUV (sport utility vehicle) is generally regarded as the go-to vehicle when going on trips, and for good reason. The SUV is powerful, sturdy, reliable, and they do not cost as much as to break the bank. These family vehicles are usually built with power and durability for long trips on rough, unpaved roads; they can accommodate more people than a typical sedan; and they are more stylish and elegant than any van or truck.

One of the most important features to have for the best holiday wagon, of course, is space. Vacation luggage is cumbersome and unwieldy. To maximize the passengers’ comfort and enjoyment, a good SUV should have enough room to everything that they might need for their trip. We’ve compiled a list to help those who are looking for the perfect vehicle with the most spacious interiors.

Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Whether riding through unpaved terrain or on rough city streets, Mitsubishi’s popular Montero Sport ensures a premium experience all the way. With sharp lined features and the Dynamic Shield Design, the Montero Sport evokes a distinctive presence wherever it goes.

The Montero Sport’s sophisticated interior was crafted with comfort in mind, with the Leather Contoured Seats with Multi-layer Cushioning for different firmness in the squab and seatback for a more comfortable fit. The car also features 8-way Power Adjustable Driver’s Seat and Front Passenger Seat, and an elegant High Center Console Design. For more legroom and space for luggage, the second row of the vehicle was moved slightly forward while the third row was pushed back.

Ford Escape 2017

The new stylish Ford Escape is a visual treat with a unique black-out trim, sport seats, leather-trimmed shift lever and steering wheel, and more, and not at the expense of function. The new design offers 25% more storage in the front row and sports a new media bin for utilities like cup holders, glove box, power ports and other gadgets.

This is not to mention the increased overall storage. Passengers on the new Escape can expand the cargo space to about 23 luggage handbags if with the foldable second row seats. The rear cargo also offers an under-floor compartment for discreet storage.

Honda CR-V

With its distinctive headlights, taillights, and the sporty look of its panels, the Honda CR-V managed to achieve popularity with the Philippine market with its balance of form and function. The CR-V, short for Comfortable Runabout Vehicle, is regarded as the pioneering model in the SUV segment, and features a sophisticated and innovative interior, with touches like available Leather-Trimmed Seats with Driver’s Seat Memory to ensure a comfortable and refined experience within its cabin.

The CR-V possesses a roomy cabin unlike any other compact SUV, with nearly-40-cubic-feet space that can house up 10  pieces luggage with the seats folded. If that isn’t enough, folding the rear seats reveals room enough for 25 pieces of luggage for a smooth and worry-free vacation.

Honda’s CR-V also offers its 12-Way and 4-Way Power Seat feature for the passengers’ comfort, while the seats themselves could be raised or lowered to preference with a “one-motion dive down” feature. The vehicle also comes with a programmable power tailgate height for the easy loading of cargo. With an alterable height, it can provide more room serving for holding stuff of the car owner. The Cargo Tray in the rear storage area also prevents accidental spills that can happen during turns and quick stops.

Nissan X-Trail 2017

The Nissan X-TRAIL continues to offer an unparalleled experience for adventure-seeking families. With enough room for families and groups who love to go on road trips, the new X-Trail features enhancements to its design like new door and instrument panel finishers, new shift knob design, revised center console, and the console lid that define the car’s plush interiors.

The car features its standard “luggage board” system, which can provide up to 18 interior arrangements to address any need. The X-Trail also offers two-section lift-out panels for extra space under the floor, while underfloor storage is divided into trays to make the loading of luggage much easier.

Subaru Forester 2017

The Subaru Forester 2017 is not only a spacious SUV for your holiday needs, it is also a robust vehicle for any kind of trip. The Forester’s rear suspension is self-levelling, allowing passengers to load it up with all manner of heavy cargo without fear of causing the car to tip. The car also features a rear seat system that makes it easy to fold with just one press.

The boxy, low-key styling of the Subaru Forester’s body is distinct for an SUV, but it offers luggage room up to nearly thrice its size. With the one-touch mechanism, the rear seats fold at a standard 60:40, perfect for elderly and disabled passengers who may need more room.

Toyota RAV4 2017

The Toyota RAV4 aims to go beyond expectations with its practical, sports-centric design that is dedicated to the sports-centered lifestyle. Endowed with terrain-treading alloy wheels, sharp headlamps, and sleek character lines, the RAV4 provides a driving experience that focuses on action and practicality.

In this sense, the vehicle does not disappoint with a large storage space in both front and rear areas. The 60/40 split foldable rear seats plus the low height of the cargo floor makes it load luggage onto the vehicle. The RAV4 is also equipped with a height-adjustable power lift gate for people who have trouble adapting to its opening height. — Bjorn Biel M. Beltran

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