By Michael Angelo S. Murillo

ANYTIME FITNESS, an international 24-hour health and fitness club, recently marked a milestone in the country with the opening of its 50th branch at Glorietta 5 in Makati City. It is something that is highly indicative of the inroads they have made since setting up shop in the Philippines less than three years ago, company officials said.

Opened its first gym at the Pioneer Center in Pasig City in 2014, the chain has since branched out beyond Metro Manila to Laguna, Pampanga, Baguio, Cavite, Cebu, and Davao.

As per figures shared by the fitness club chain, it has also posted year-on-year growth of almost 250%, making the country one of the robust markets for Anytime Fitness, which has presence in 25 countries servicing 2.5 million members annually worldwide.

Key to the company’s success in the Philippines is its thrust of taking their gyms to the communities, encouraging people to pick up a healthy lifestyle guided by staff who want to see their fitness goals achieved whatever they may be.

“We fulfilled a gap in the market basically. What happened previous to our existence was that people went to big box gyms in central areas and they would work out there. But while those gyms served people well in those areas, still the Filipinos were crying for community gyms, those within walking distance perhaps [from] where they live or work and they were looking for a more intimate model that would really look into their fitness goals,” said Anytime Fitness Asia Chief Executive Officer and master franchisee Maurice Levine in a question-and-answer session with media during the launch of the 50th branch at the second level of Glorietta 5 last week.

“Our appeal is not solely for people seeking to have six-pack abs. If you want to be healthy in a not-too-intimidating environment, we are the place and club for them,” he added.

To achieve the goals of helping their members in their fitness journeys while at the same time keeping the business humming, Mr. Levine said they are making notable “investments” in various forms.

They make sure to provide the needed equipment and services in their facilities as well as coming up with programs, including classes, which cater to the specific needs of members.

Anytime Fitness has also engaged the partnerships with people, be they franchisees, coaches and trainers, who care for their clientele and value being healthy, Mr. Levine said, in line with their mission of “out-caring” other gyms in places they are in, which in turn makes members stay with them.

“Bottom line is we want to change the fitness scene, which I think we have been able to do here. Convenience is key for us with our facilities and services, which are open 24/7, are secure, and world-class, that people can use,” Mr. Levine said.

He went on to say that they are just barely beginning, and they see Anytime Fitness doing better in the Philippines in the years to come.

“The market here is very strong, Growth is outstripping that for the rest of Asia and we see it continuing for the coming years and we see ourselves opening more gyms in more areas in the Philippines,” Mr. Levine said.

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