The “Bigay Na Bigay” campaign of well-loved brand Ovaltinechallenges the norm. It emboldens parents to encourage and prepare kids to be willing to take on the journey of life and enjoy it, rather than pressuring them to always win. Millennial parents acknowledge that when asked, their wish for their children is for them to be healthy and happy. The fathers of this generation are found to be spending more time with their kids.

The campaign highlights that for a parent and child, the effort and journey of parenting is more important than the end-goal. “It appeals to parents, whose worldviews have been shaped by their generation. They believe in focusing on empathy and that teaching it to their children helps the latter understand the world better.” said Michael Fajardo,Country Managerof Ovaltine.

“We at Ovaltine believe that the Millennial mom isn’t necessarily raising her kid to be a full scholar, or a prodigy, or the next Olympian. The Millennial mom is raising her child to be willing to face life’s challenges, obstacles, and yes, opportunities. She knows that the happiness and health of her child is her priority,” JP Villa-Real, Ovaltine Brand Manager shared.

The material features a young boy who is excited about an upcoming musical performance. His excitement is so obvious to people around him, making audience think that he probably has a lead role. In the end, it shows that attitude matters more than what we as a society was taught to hold important.

Ovaltine All-in-One is a nutrient-fortified malt-chocolate drink that can be enjoyed hot or cold. It contains no artificial sweeteners and is high in 10 vitamins and minerals. 2 tablespoons of Ovaltine All-in-One meet 12-44% percent of the recommended daily intake of 10 vitamins and minerals needed by the body, which helps protect cells and contribute to the normal immune system function.