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Sonax PHL introduces ‘DIY’ car care products

By Dylan Afuang

SONAX, a German car care product manufacturer, recently introduced its new product ranges here. Local Sonax distributor Waido Marketing and Distribution, Inc. pitched these as do-it-yourself products that owners can apply on their vehicles themselves.

These are the Xtreme PPF Series, Xtreme Ceramic Series, and Beast Tire and Wheel Cleaner.

“Sonax has product ranges that cater to the different needs of cars, for all kinds of (car) enthusiasts and regular consumers,” explained Waido Brand Manager Johann Tiu to the media during the launch of the new products. “From wheel rims to windscreen, and paintwork to interior, make no compromises when it comes to caring for your car.”

The Xtreme PPF Series is the latest product in the Sonax line, and it’s designed to maintain the luster of a vehicle’s matte or glossy wrap or paint protection film. Made for wrapped vehicle exteriors, the Xtreme PPF + Vinyl Cleaner is a cleaner that’s formulated to remove road dirt, insect residue, and bird droppings.

Designed to remove shallow scratches, the Xtreme PPF + Vinyl Polish covers the car’s exterior with a shiny and waterproof layer. While enhancing the surface color, the Xtreme PPF + Vinyl Detailer removes light soiling without damaging the wrapped surface.

Backed by Sonax’s expertise in ceramic coating, the Ceramic Series aims to preserve a car’s exterior shine in between its ceramic coating sessions. To achieve this effect, the Series features the brand’s SI-Carbon Technology. The products in this range produce a glossy and long-lasting protective finish, strong weather resistance, and color enhancement to maintain ceramic-sealed paint works.

Intended for use during cleaning all surfaces of a car, the Xtreme Ceramic Active Shampoo creates a water-and-dirt repellent layer of ceramic sealant. This product can be used even when the car is not ceramic coated.

Next, the Xtreme Ultra Slick Detailer can easily remove slight surface soiling and dust.

Designed to complement Sonax ceramic-sealed vehicles, the Xtreme Ceramic Spray Coating is touted to protect and refresh paint for up to four months upon application. A vehicle’s unpainted plastic exterior bits can be protected from fading by the Xtreme Ceramic Plastic Sealing.

Meanwhile, the Xtreme Tire + Rim Detailer, Beast Wheel Cleaner, and the Beast Rim/Tire/Rubber Cleaner from Sonax maintain the cleanliness of a car’s rims, tires, and brakes.

Concluded Mr. Tiu, “Sonax is the market leader in car care products in Germany, and one of the leading brands worldwide since 1948.”

Sonax products can be purchased from its Lazada (lazada.com.ph/shop/sonax) and Shopee (shopee.ph/sonaxphilippines) stores.