The Centro Econovan features an aluminum body. — PHOTO FROM CENTRO MANUFACTURING CORP.

LEADING TRUCK body manufacturer Centro Manufacturing Corp. has released a new commercial vehicle product. Called the Econovan, it boasts an aluminum van body said to be the “best in QCD (quality, cost, and delivery) and is set to revolutionize the truck industry.”

The Econovan is “designed to meet the needs of business owners who require top-quality truck bodies for their operations, without breaking the bank.” Units of the Econovan can be delivered to customers in just a week, making it the fastest delivery option in the industry. Centro touts it as the “best-priced aluminum van on the market.”

The truck comes in 14- and 10-foot variants, both featuring Japan standard lock rods and hinges. The Econovan also comes with a single panel roof, which ensures maximum durability.

“We are excited to release the Econovan to the market,” said Centro Manufacturing Corp. Sales Assistant Manager Carlo Enriquez. “This new product is the culmination of our commitment to providing the best in QCD, and we are confident that it will exceed the expectations of our customers.”

The Econovan is now available at selected truck dealerships.