The five elements take the spotlight in HK

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THE TRADITIONAL feng shui elements — gold, wood, water, fire and earth — are highlighted in the Hong Kong Pulse 3D Light Show, a presentation of the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

The show celebrates the Year of the Monkey four times daily until Feb. 29.

Set against the façade of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and Clock Tower, the show includes firecrackers, gold coins and fai chun (Chinese New year couplets) that are meant to bring prosperity, success, safety, and blessings for a peaceful year.

The symbolism of the “five elements” graphics are as follows:The five elements take the spotlight in HK

• Gold: gold ingot and gold coins for prosperity;

• Wood: blossoming trees for an excellent career path;

• Water: leaping koi fish for having more than you need;

• Fire: sizzling firecrackers for everyday safety; and,

• Earth: a colorful tangerine for a peaceful year full of blessings.

The show features a theme song that members of the public can download on the Hong Kong Pulse Sound Track mobile app. For more details, visit