By Justine Irish D. Tabile, Reporter

BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS solutions provider Nokia expects the development of data center interconnect solutions in the Philippines to support the industry’s growth.

“Nokia is a leader in terms of data center interconnect solutions. Data center interconnect solutions are, as we know, networking infrastructure that help connect multiple data centers,” Nokia Philippines Head Carlos Alberto Reyes said in an interview.

Mr. Reyes said the Philippines is a strategic location for data centers, making it a viable prospect for data center interconnect solutions.

“The Philippines, at this moment, has a very interesting development of the business in the data center because of the geographical location and because of the different multiple subsea cables that connect the Philippines to the world,” he said.

“At this moment, we consider that the data center interconnect solutions of Nokia can strongly support the development of the data center industry that is developing in the Philippines,” he added.

He added that data center interconnect solutions will help in storing large amounts of data from Philippine firms.

“Many of the sectors that are in the Philippines require a high amount of data to be managed at storage like the banking and business process outsourcing industries, and all of these are reliant on the data center ecosystem that is currently growing in the Philippines. Our solution in Nokia can strongly help the development of these solutions and the performance of the data centers in the Philippines,” Mr. Reyes said.

He said Nokia’s data center interconnect solutions, which have the highest speed optical links, offer secure protocols and high performance, can contribute to the growing data center industry in the country.

He added that many industries in the Philippines are interested in tapping the services of data centers.

“The Philippines is preparing very well in the direction to have the capacity of data centers and become a very important data center player in the world,” Mr. Reyes said.

For the industry to grow further, large enterprises, public organizations, and the government should collaborate, he said.

“Large enterprises, government and public organizations are working in the direction that they need to automate and digitalize the way they are working. This definitely requires a data center capacity to handle it,” Mr. Reyes said.

One of the challenges that organizations face is how to shift from their old systems to an automated one, he said.

“I think the concept of the data centers and the cloud are fundamental because they can facilitate the process of moving all this data in the proper way and in a cost-effective way,” Mr. Reyes added.