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Enhanced healthcare for Filipinos

Atty Alloysius R. Yebra, Executive Vice President and Head of Healthcare Division

Cocolife Healthcare’s new leader envisions improved health insurance accessibility for families

A new leadership will take on Cocolife Healthcare, who will maintain the values and service of the insurance company in reaching more Filipinos and attending to their health insurance needs.

Atty. Alloysius R. Yebra, executive vice-president and head of Healthcare Division, is looking forward to fulfilling the leadership role to the best of his abilities.

Considering that a leader should lead by example, Atty. Yebra said that he would “remain committed to fulfilling Cocolife’s mission, which is to bring the best possible product and service to each and every Filipino.”

“Cocolife prides itself on taking care of its people, from our valued clients, their loved ones, to our very own members and employees. Guided by Cocolife’s core values of reliability, excellence, teamwork, integrity, and empathy, I will strive to continue to be of service as best I can,” he said.

Atty. Yebra’s vision is for health insurance to be part of every Filipino family, especially the insurance solutions of Cocolife Healthcare.

“I want every Filipino to associate reliable and accessible health insurance with Cocolife. In order to achieve this, I will work hard to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service. I will work on coordinating regarding customer feedback, analysis of market trends, and implementation of solutions,” he shared.

Meanwhile, for the people working at Cocolife Healthcare, Atty. Yebra looks to develop a culture of innovation by tapping the talents in the division.

A provider of various insurance products related to health, Cocolife Healthcare offers life, accident, and health insurance plans; hospitalization plans; and medical reimbursement programs, among others.

“Cocolife Healthcare should be the choice of clients due to its versatility in terms of our portfolio of offerings and our vast network of accredited service providers and facilities nationwide. We are committed to providing the best health insurance service to every Filipino,” Atty. Yebra said.

Seeing the accelerated shift towards e-commerce during the new normal, Cocolife Healthcare, along with the entire Cocolife Group, underwent digitalization to address customers’ changing needs. Going digital is also among the company’s initiatives to make insurance, including healthcare, more accessible to Filipinos.

Also, Cocolife made improvements in its Healthcare Call Center and is focused on fostering good relationships with its brokers and agents.

In terms of creating new insurance offerings, one can be assured that Cocolife is constantly monitoring the markets when it innovates products, in order to respond effectively to its clients’ needs.

“The entire Cocolife Group is continually studying and monitoring the market’s needs to come up with innovative solutions to best address our clients’ preferences,” Atty. Yebra said.

Atty. Yebra also expects a significant growth for the country’s healthcare sector in the following years. He is optimistic that Cocolife Healthcare will play a part in making this expansion happen through adapting to the people’s needs and enhancing their processes for better efficiency of their service.

“With our vast network of accredited service providers and facilities nationwide, we will continue to make healthcare more accessible to Filipinos from all walks of life,” Atty. Yebra emphasized.

“We, at Cocolife, will remain committed to providing quality insurance products and services that each Filipino deserves. We will continue to build a better nation and empower as many people as possible to achieve a more healthy and financially secure future.”

Learn more about Cocolife Healthcare’s reliable services by visiting www.cocolife.com/products/healthcare/.


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