Having someone who believes and encourages us can somehow boost our vigor in working on our dreams, even when dealing with challenges. For renowned sportsman and Cocolife ambassador Kiefer Ravena, he gains his inner strength to move forward in his basketball career from different people, especially his family, who believes in his endeavors and abilities.

At an early age, the passion for basketball came naturally in Mr. Ravena. As he grew up, he continued to show his determination in striving for his athletic aspirations — from achieving basketball championships in high school to overcoming the pressure of winning games in college. Things seemed to go according to his plans even until he finally became a professional.

The COVID-19 pandemic, however, made him take a step back and put his basketball pursuits on hold for more than a year now. Nevertheless, he still felt that it made him better both as a player and a person.

“Looking back, whatever I have achieved in my career, all these became possible because there were people who believed in me — my school, the fans, and most of all, my mom, my dad, and my family,” Mr. Ravena expressed.

Coming from Mr. Ravena’s experience, surrounding yourself with people who have faith in you and your goals could also greatly impact your drive towards success.

“When planning for your future, have someone who believes in your dreams,” reminded Atty. Jose Martin A. Loon, president and chief executive officer of Cocolife.

“[Mr. Ravena] has always been focused on his goals — on the court and as a young man. He tells us that he earnestly believes in the importance of investing in one’s health, education, savings, and retirement. As successful as he is now, Kiefer’s dreams are the same as yours and ours,” Atty. Loon said.

“Our goal is to make you appreciate the value of having insurance and investment plans for a future that is secure, stable, and comfortable,” he added.

Cocolife, the biggest Filipino-owned stock life insurance company, similarly assures its belief and help for the people to accomplish their goals in life through its various financial services designed to respond to their specific needs.

From individual or group insurance, healthcare, mutual funds products, and more, Cocolife serves as a believer of Filipinos in reaching their dreams and a supporter amid obstacles along the way like the current global health crisis.

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