Singapore-based Jared Majaba CPA (Aust.) is confident the CPA Australia designation will continue to further his career, and will do the same for many finance practitioners in the Philippines.

Jared Majaba CPA (Aust.) describes himself as always up for a challenge. In 2010, on joining the audit practice of a mid-tier accounting firm in Singapore, it became clear that if he was to climb the career ladder he would need to not only become professionally recognised in the city-state, but internationally.

“My peers had either completed their own international licence or were in the process of doing so while working at the firm,” Jared recalls. “I was very determined to progress my career, and with the recommendation of a CPA Australia member, who was also my mentor partner, and with the full support of my previous firm, I decided to pursue the CPA Program.”

That was in 2012. Jared joined Deloitte in Singapore in 2016, and is currently a Senior Manager with Deloitte Global Tax Center Asia Pte Ltd.

Achieving global recognition

“In my previous firm, having an accreditation recognised in Singapore was a requirement to get into a management position,” he says. “The CPA Australia designation helped me to achieve that requirement, and definitely opened up opportunities for me at Deloitte.”

Having risen to the challenge and completing all six subjects in the CPA Program – achieving a distinction in three – Jared now works with a cross-section of  senior regional and global clients, all of which are leaders in their industries.

“The CPA Program has empowered me to understand clients better, and by using a holistic approach, I am able to deliver solutions that address their needs by creating value,” he says.

Jared credits the CPA Program with enabling him to think like a senior regional and global leader – significantly widening his understanding of key issues and how to look at them on a much larger scale.

“I have grown from being a deliverer and producer to having a business and strategist mindset,” he declares.

Acknowledging that the CPA Australia designation has been pivotal in fast-tracking his own career, Jared believes it can do the same for many Filipino finance practitioners.

Become a CPA Australia member via the MPA

Indeed, although Jared enrolled before CPA Australia’s collaboration with the Professional Regulatory Board of Accountancy (BOA) and Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA), the Member Pathway Agreement (MPA) between CPA Australia and PICPA has created a new window of opportunity for Filipino CPAs to achieve the CPA Australia designation, with benefits and potential exemptions for BOA licence holders and PICPA members.

“The Philippine economy is one of the major developing economies in Asia,” Jared notes. “To support and sustain growth, it needs people equipped with the right mindset and open to globalisation. Filipino finance professionals should aim to enhance their capabilities to ensure they have the proper skills, mindset, and tools to cope with the change.”

He firmly believes that the CPA Program can open doors and assist Filipino finance practitioners to cope with the challenges of the global marketplace by becoming better decision-makers, strategists and leaders.

Learn new skills online

In this respect, Jared has found CPA Australia’s My Online Learning platform particularly beneficial.

“As a CPA currently in public practice, I need to keep updated on both the technical and innovation aspects of the profession,” he says. “The online learning platform provides access to various courses that can enhance technical, strategic, leadership, and even soft skills.”

In terms of the CPA Program itself and the impact it has had on his career, Jared singles out the subject ‘Global Strategy and Leadership’ as being one of the most interesting and personally rewarding.

“It made me realise the importance of thinking outside the box and taking a wider view.  I have seen the real value of this subject while speaking to clients. I understand their concerns and can assist them to resolve some of the issues they face in the Asia-Pacific or globally.”

With the practical experience he has gained and CPA Australia’s globally recognised designation, Jared sees himself progressing to an even more strategically oriented leadership role.

“The designation allows me to work with multinationals in a complex setting and adapt to the needs of the global environment,” he says. “It opened up opportunities to me in the past and will surely open more doors going forward.”

Find out more about becoming a CPA by visiting our Member Pathway Agreement