Nearly two years into the pandemic, it is clear that digitalization is crucial to modern businesses and their ability to navigate the unpredictable business climate. Digitalization is paving the way for organizations to utilize and engage with innovations and R&D activities as they explore new market opportunities. And, business leaders agree.

“Technology, such as cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP), has become an insightful conduit of knowledge for businesses, enabling them to manage through volatility,” Mickey North Rizza, Program Vice President of Enterprise Applications and Digital Commerce at the International Data Corporation (IDC), said.

She added that with the right combination of technologies such as cloud, mobile, intelligent processes, and real-time insights, businesses can utilize data to ensure that customer needs are met, no matter the circumstances.

Shari Lava, Research Director of Small and Medium Business at IDC explained, “Cloud ERP systems are where data come together to provide a snapshot of the health of the business. Cloud ERP systems can now connect, in real time, critical customer data to operational data such as outstanding customer invoices, payroll, and other business expenses such as outstanding supplier purchases. These insights provide a holistic financial view as well as a complete picture of the business, allowing a company to take the necessary action.”

SAP Business One is an end-to-end solution designed for the digital transformation needs of every business. It can support organizations to reach their goal of becoming an intelligent enterprise, augmenting business operations from accounting and financials, purchasing, inventory, sales, and customer relationships to reporting and analytics.

SAP Business One also allows companies of all sizes to have greater control over their key processes and gain deeper insight into their businesses’ performance — allowing for informed decisions based on real-time information that can drive profitable growth.

In the Philippines, SAP Business One is available through Integrated Computer Systems, Inc. (ICS), a leading IT solutions provider in the country for over 40 years. An official partner of SAP, as well as a number of global IT organizations, ICS is committed to see its clients through from end to end. The company’s pool of professionals are adept in delivering installation, support, maintenance, and consultancy services, ensuring that clients have everything they need to make the most of their IT investments.

“Our local partners help put SAP solutions to work to improve speed and stability across an entire business. Intelligent automation creates consistent, connected, end-to-end processes, while intelligent insights help customers overcome the hurdles that slow down growth and guide the decisions that can accelerate it,” SAP said.

SAP business management software lets organizations confidently stay ahead of change as they navigate the digital landscape, enabling them to grow their business into the future.

For more information on SAP BusinessOne and ICS, interested parties may visit or inquire here.


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