YOUNGER workers have identified the lack of networks as the main hindrance to their careers, LinkedIn said, citing the results of a study.

In the “LinkedIn Opportunity Index 2020” report released Wednesday, LinkedIn said 78% of Filipino workers cited strong networks as key to opening up opportunities, while 84% of Generation Z, the youngest members of the current workforce, cited their lack of important connections.

“This indicates that there may be a knowledge gap on just how exactly to go about building a reliable professional network,” LinkedIn said in a statement Wednesday.

LinkedIn also reported that 68% of the Baby-boom generation said they had “moderate to strong” networks.

“Network gaps” are influenced by factors such as the school one graduated from and cities they reside in, LinkedIn added. Those from top schools and in major cities believe they have stronger networks.

LinkedIn said that professionals can tap readily available platforms such as LinkedIn to seek advice on work-related concerns. Other resources such as LinkedIn Groups also offer the opportunity to boost their connections with professionals in the same industries.

LinkedIn Managing Director for Asia Pacific Olivier Legrand said in the statement: “During challenging times like this, we believe it is all the more important to build stronger networks. This can potentially aid us in seeking out new opportunities even as we weather through, and recover from this crisis.” — Gillian M. Cortez