By Gillian M. Cortez, Reporter

THE business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is getting by during the lockdown with “robust” growth, if continued hiring activity is any indication, according to tech hiring company Kalibrr.

In an interview with BusinessWorld last week, Kalibrr CEO Paul V. Rivera said the BPO industry “has been growing during this pandemic.”

“We still have a very robust BPO industry and if anything…and we are seeing new job opportunities that are remote job opportunities,” he said.

He added that opportunities are emerging from the BPO sector especially during the COVID-19 crisis, with 50,000 to 75,000 job openings so far in Metro Manila alone.

Mr. Rivera said job posts for the Philippines in general are still down and the rate of recovery has yet to improve. Small and medium enterprises were the most affected, which contributed to the decline in employment. However, Mr. Rivera said like BPOs, other industries saw significant growth like logistics, e-commerce, digital payments, and other allied sectors.

Jobseekers are also increasingly trying their hand at freelance work, Mr. Rivera added.

“BPOs give one view of the employment opportunities but there are many more employment opportunities and freelance opportunities that may not be fully visible in one place but can provide significant livelihood,” he said.

Employers use the free Kalibrr service to find suitable candidates for their job availabilities.

“We want to be the platform where they can discover employment opportunities,” he said.