FOR A woman who’s tired of being in relationships with the opposite sex, is the secret to happiness finding love with the same sex? In iWant’s new series, Fluid, that is exactly the situation Mitch (played by Roxanne Barcelo) finds herself in as she is caught between an ex-boyfriend (Joross Gamboa) and George (Ann Colis).

The series starts airing on March 13 on iWant.

“I taught a class in Assumption [College] and I kept hearing the word ‘fluid’ whenever I’d ask my students what their sexual orientation was. They then told me that it meant that sexually or romantically, you don’t limit yourself. It’s a very inclusive term,” Benedict Mique, the series’ director, said during a press conference on March 6 at the ABS-CBN offices in Quezon City.

“Sexual fluidity” is a term used for people who experience changes in their sexuality or sexual identity, according to the Urban dictionary. A sexually fluid person can be attracted to the opposite sex for much of their life but then gradually become attracted to people of the same sex.

The romantic-comedy series, which runs for four episodes, follows Mitch and “her journey to self-discovery” that begins after she breaks up with her cheating ex-boyfriend Jacob.

Mitch’s friends then recommend she try dating other girls. After unsuccessful trials, Mitch then meets George who “challenges Mitch to get away from her comfort zone,” says a press release.

But Jacob returns and wants to win her back again thus placing Mitch in a dilemma of choosing one over the other.

“[The term] ‘fluid’ became a safe space for people who can’t define their sexuality. It can be in stages or phases and [it should be] recognized as a journey of exploration,” Ms. Barcelo said in the press conference.

In trailer shown at the event, snippets of the love affair between Mitch and George are seen, but a considerable amount of the trailer was dedicated to showing the reactions of Mitch’s family seeing her with a woman.

Mitch’s family is composed of her mother (Janice de Belen), father (Al Tantay), and a brother.

The crux of the series, Mr. Mique said, is that even though the series is “skewed towards the LGBT community,” at its core it is a family series.

“There are a lot of kids who are confused… and a lot of them are trapped because they have no way of expressing [their sexual identity]. I think parents and their children should watch it because they have a lot to learn. Basically, the film is about acceptance, it’s a good message for everyone,” Mr. Mique said.

Spoiler alert — there is a love scene.

Fluid drops its first episode on March 13 on iWant while the second to fourth episode drop on March 16. — Zsarlene B. Chua