FORMER Senator Antonio F. Trillanes IV denies kidnapping a woman back in 2016 which is alleged to have been part of efforts in bringing down the Duterte administration. Mr. Trillanes said that this is the administration’s way of putting down critics.

Mr. Trillanes denied any involvement in kidnapping a woman after the Philippine National Police (PNP) filed charges against the former senator. He added it is already highly suspicious that the complaint was made nearly three years after the incident.

“Ito na naman ay maliwanag na harassment case at persecution ni Duterte laban sa kanyang mga kritiko (This is another clear case of harassment and persecution by Duterte against his critics,” he said in a social media message on Friday.

The kidnapping complaint against Mr. Trillanes was released on Friday. According to the complaint dated Aug. 17, Guillermina Lallic Barrido, who goes by the name Guillermina Arcillas, said that the former senator kidnapped and detained her for two weeks in 2016 to force her into agreeing to slander the current administration. The complaint was filed by the PNP through its Criminal and Detection Group — Major Crimes Investigation Unit (CIDG-MCIU).

“The complainant personally appeared before the office of the CIDG-MCIU to file a complaint for violation of Article 267 of RPC for Kidnapping/Serious Illegal Detention from De. 6,2016 up to Dec. 21, 2016 starting from Convent of Cannussian Sisters until she was transferred to Holy Spirit Convent in order to force her to sign a ready-made affidavit to destroy the reputation of the present Administration of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte,” the complaint stated.

Among the evidence presented were Barrido’s sworn statements, screenshots of text messages from her cellphone, and a polygraph examination conducted on Aug. 5.

Other respondents in the complaint are Father Albert E. Alejo, lawyer Jude Josue Sabio, and a “Certain Sister Ling of Convent of Cannussian Sisters.”

Ms. Barrido also submitted an affidavit dated April 7, 2017 that alleges Mr. Trillanes’ role in a so-called demolition job in partnership with the other respondents against Mr. Duterte.

“It is clear from the foregoing that herein respondents feloniously, maliciously and intentionally put the complainant under detention for fourteen (14) days in order to force her to do something against her will,” the complaint, signed by Police Lieutenant Colonel Domingo D. Soriano, said.

Last year, Mr. Sabio filed a case before the International Criminal Court for extrajudicial killings related to Mr. Duterte’s war on drugs. Meanwhile, Mr. Alejo was also named as one of the respondents in another PNP complaint regarding his involvement in the “Ang Totoong Narcolist” videos in which Mr. Trillanes is also a respondent. — Gillian M. Cortez