CEBU CITY’s Joint Venture Selection Committee has approved an unsolicited proposal from New Sky Energy Philippines, Inc. for a waste-to-energy (WTE) facility, and invited competing proposals.

The WTE facility will process municipal solid waste using grate incineration technology.

In its notice, the committee granted New Sky Energy original proponent status, paving the way for rival groups to match or improve on New Sky Energy’s proposal, which is for a facility with a waste processing capacity of 800 metric tons a day.

Grate incineration WTE technology heats non-recyclable waste, which generates steam that is used to generate electricity. This method does not require prior sorting or shredding of waste and can thus take in larger volumes of feedstock.  

In a circular published by the Department of Energy in March, the development of WTE facilities using waste to generate renewable energy was recognized for its potential to improve solid waste management.

When the feedstock is biomass, “WTE is recognized as a relevant intervention in reducing methane emission by conversion of wastes into usable heat, electricity, or fuel,” the department said in the document.

Third parties have 30 days to submit competing bids.

Prior to the construction and operation of a WTE facility, the proponent will need to submit an Environmental Technology Verification statement and report in compliance with Republic Act No. 8749 (the Clean Air Act), Republic Act No. 9275 (the Clean Water Act) and Republic Act No. 9003 (the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act). — Ram Christian S. Agustin