THE ANTI-RED Tape Authority (ARTA) said tests are being run on the online regulatory management and government service databases systems of various agencies.

The initial phase of each platform is being tested by 62 National Government agencies and local government units to prepare for the rollout.

The agencies are testing the Philippine Business Regulations Information System, a web-based platform for real-time access to a regulatory management system.

The Anti-Red Tape Electronic Management Information System (ARTEMIS) is an online system for submissions of citizen’s charters that shows a real-time database of government services.

“ARTEMIS will facilitate the standardization of Citizen’s Charters, will enable government service reengineering through business process management features, and will allow citizens to access and download the Citizen’s Charters of all government agencies,” ARTA said in a statement Saturday.

The testing will run until Wednesday, and feedback from the participating agencies will be used to prepare for the official rollout of both systems this year.

Representatives from Bureau of Customs, Bureau of Internal Revenue, Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, Department of Agrarian Reform, Department of Foreign Affairs, and the Department of Information and Communications Technology are participating in the testing, along with various National Government agencies and the Quezon City Government.

“We are now in the home stretch of this administration and we would like to believe that before this administration ends, we will be able to set in place all the infrastructure needed so that the incoming administration. (It) will be easier for them to just continue the programs and initiatives that have been started with this administration,” ARTA Deputy Director General for Operations Ernesto V. Perez said. — Jenina P. Ibañez