LOCAL research and intelligence company Capstone-Intel Corp. is seeking to use data analytics and research to help in the decision-making of businesses, governments, and investors.

Capstone-Intel Chief Executive Officer and President Eero Brillantes said that the firm aims to help clients in adapting to the rapid pace of technology development and in managing daily data consumption.

“Our research surveys and social analytics findings provide evidence-based inputs that enable clients to make informed decisions,” he said when the company was launched on June 30 in Taguig City.

“Capstone-Intel employs a variety of analytics tools to ensure that they maximize the value and outputs of these tools, constantly searching for the best analytics tools and programs available,” he added.

According to Mr. Brillantes, the company was launched following the effects of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

“The agency combines traditional and digital research methodologies to create key action points that are based on both evidence and wisdom, resulting in better strategies that benefit customers and the public,” he said.

Mr. Brillantes said COVID-19 showed the need for increased readiness and awareness amid the lack of detailed data on the severity of the impact, the outcomes of cases, the accessibility and effectiveness of vaccines, and other relevant information.

“Recognizing the importance of these realizations, Capstone-Intel was founded with the same goal of advancing research with actionable intelligence as a resource in a variety of organizations, society, and economies,” he said.

Mr. Brillantes said Capstone-Intel uses “innovative research technologies, tools and methods” to convert data and information to breakthrough insights and actionable intelligence outputs.

Based on its website, Capstone-Intel’s services include brand campaign preparation, strategic communication operations plan, crisis management operations, brand campaign management operations plan, and social influence operations.

“Capstone-Intel was established with the mission of advancing research through actionable intelligence, recognizing the critical role it plays in various organizations, societies, and economies. Our firm recognizes the significance of these realizations and is committed to providing valuable insights to our clients,” Mr. Brillantes said. — Revin Mikhael D. Ochave