JAPANESE tech firm Sansan, Inc. is set to open a global development center in the Philippines to accelerate its overseas product expansion.

In a statement on Monday, Sansan said that the global development center will be located in Cebu and is projected to be launched by early 2023.

Sansan is a provider of cloud-based solutions. Via its overseas unit, Sansan Global Pte. Ltd., the firm has been expanding the availability of its Sansan digital transformation solution and Bill One online invoice receiving solution in countries such as Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

“The center will strengthen the development of Sansan’s product functions for global markets by establishing a global-standard technology development environment,” the company said.

“To accelerate its global ambitions, Sansan must increasingly respond to the needs of local customers in each country. This will require greater investments into multi-language support teams and development of unique functions in line with each country’s laws and regulations, systems, business customs, and workflows,” it added.

Sansan Overseas Establishment Team Head Fujikura Shigemoto said that the company opted to establish its development center in Cebu to boost its product development for overseas markets.

“The Philippines is actively attracting and supporting global information technology (IT) companies, and Cebu is known for its high-level IT education and large pool of talented engineers. The center’s opening will let us strengthen regional recruitment of engineers and improve our development environment overseas,” the official said. — Revin Mikhael D. Ochave