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These sheets are made of bamboo fabric

SHELLY and Ryan Tan married in 2017. While shopping during their honeymoon in the United States, they came across a store that sold bamboo fabric bedsheets. After purchasing and trying out the sheets, they were so impressed that they decided to open a business back home.

The brand was called Linen & Homes and offers products made of 100% viscose fabric from bamboo, and promises better sleep as a result.

“When we went on our honeymoon to the US, it was the last couple of days, we actually stumbled into a [home and décor] store,” Linen & Homes co-founder Shelly Tan said during an online press conference on June 1. “That was the first time that we invested in our own set of sheets. Because prior to that, if you’re living at home [your sheets are just] whatever your mom would buy for you… when you’re younger, it’s more about the design versus the feeling of it.”

“When we were laundering the set of bamboo sheets that we got, we changed back to our cotton sheets and it really made a difference in how we slept,” she added.

Realizing that products made from bamboo would be attractive to the Philippine market, co-founder Ryan Tan said that they made their brand’s mission “to offer bamboo sheets to the local market” and “help people achieve better sleep.”

According to Ms. Tan, they are happy to hear how much their products help people sleep better. “We didn’t want the benefits of better sleep to be limited to just our family,” she said. “We frequently get feedback from people that Linen & Homes helped them sleep better. It’s a nice feeling to know our brand has helped people out on something so important, yet often neglected.”

The hypoallergenic and antimicrobial bamboo sheets naturally have thermal regulating properties. This means the fabric avoids retaining heat, giving users a cool feeling throughout their sleep. The sheets come in various colors including neutrals, as well as patterns.

Linen & Homes also uses the bamboo material in other products such as pillowcases, towels, and loungewear sets.

“All our products are machine washable, and dryer safe. Bamboo is a bit more delicate because it’s a lot softer than cotton. So, we recommend the delicate cycle,” Ms. Tan said. “We do recommend sheets to be washed every one to two weeks.”

As for stains, Mrs. Tan advised to spot clean the fabric as soon as possible after a spill.

For more information, visit the Linen & Homes website at https://www.linenandhomes.com/. — Michelle Anne P. Soliman