THE local Lagree Fitness scene has taken further root with the recent opening of a studio dedicated to the workout.

Ultra Lagree, located at the second floor of Estancia Mall at Capital Commons in Pasig City, promises members another good reason to wear their gym clothes and experience a different approach to staying fit.

Introduced in Hollywood by noted fitness practitioner Sebastian Lagree, the 45-minute workout effectively combines strength, endurance, core, cardio, balance and flexibility training.

It is both high intensity and low impact, which means one’s body works harder and burns more calories while the joints and connective tissues are kept safe from potential damage due to overexertion.

Proponents of the fitness workout said is suitable for people who can’t get started or sustain their fitness regimen because of their busy schedules.

The Lagree Fitness workout is done on a machine called the Megaformer, which has tension springs that can be adjusted according to the preference of the client.

It allows one to perform coach-guided routines efficiently and at optimal form, which results in more calories burned. Because of the high intensity of the activity, you continue to burn calories even after the workout — up to 800 calories, studies show.

“You can hit so many things with this one full-body workout which uses tension springs in order for you to get the best workout. You cannot plateau with this. That’s the beautiful thing about this,” said Will Devaughn, master instructor at Ultra Lagree, in an interview with BusinessWorld.

“Forty-five minutes on this is more than enough. Of course, it depends on the intensity of the client and how they want to push themselves. This is for everybody. All walks of life, all shapes and sizes. The instructors here are very skilled and can help members in their fitness journey,” added Mr. Devaughn, who personally trained under Mr. Lagree in Los Angeles.

Mr. Devaughn went on to say that Lagree Fitness is suitable for Filipinos and that part of the reason they put up Ultra Lagree is to grow the community in the Philippines for the workout.

“Fitness is really blowing up in the Philippines and we see this enhancing that. We want to make the workout more accessible to more Filipinos, and, at the same time, create a space for like-minded individuals to thrive together,” he said.

He added, “For me, Lagree is in a class of its own. It really is. It works your mind and body at the same time. It’s very cerebral. This is a lifelong exercise. You can do this for the rest of your life.”

Ultra Lagree is part of a network of less than 300 Lagree Fitness-certified studios all over the world. In the Philippines, it is the only Lagree Fitness-certified studio in a convenient mall setting.

Those who are interested to try the Lagree Fitness workout at Ultra Lagree can inquire at, or check them out on Facebook (/ or Instagram ( The studio is open every day from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. — Michael Angelo S. Murillo