Trucks you can depend on

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In business, reliability is premium. The more consistent you can provide quality goods and services to your consumers, the more recognition your brand will receive. That applies to all facets of business management in all industries, so any forward-looking executive needs to value good, dependable tools to get the job done. From the machinery in producing goods, to the heavy-duty vehicles that transport them, investing in good equipment is never a mistake.

We have compiled a list of proven, reliable workhorses your business can depend on.


The MAN TGS was designed with the philosophy of “less is more”, opting for less showiness while offering more ability. Pushing out more power with less fuel, MAN’s torquey common-rail engines combine an enhanced dynamic performance with low fuel consumption like no other vehicle. Meanwhile, the automated MAN TipMatic gear change helps reduce the pressure on the driver through easing the load on the drive train, both helping to cut diesel consumption.

MAN put ruggedness and reliability as the foremost quality into the TGS lineup, promising secure and consistently timely transport even off the beaten track. With its unmatched, versatile drive configurations through to 8×8 all-wheel, the TGS offers a whole range of mobility, both on-road and off-road.

Foton Gratour Midi Truck

Built with purpose, Foton’s Gratour Midi Truck seeks to empower micro, small, and medium enterprises by offering a quality product to meet their demands. As the need for logistics grows with the Philippines’ enterprise-driven economy, the Gratour rises to the challenge.

With a maximum length of 4480 mm, the Gratour Midi Truck can weave through congested roads with ease, securing faster deliveries while remaining fuel efficient. Its engine is a 1206 cc, 1.2-litre four-cylinder gasoline engine that is Euro 5 compliant, producing reduced emissions and 85hp at 6000rpm and 112Nm of torque at 4000-4400 rpm. The motor is paired to a 5-speed manual gearbox, riding on 14” wheels. The Gratour Midi Truck can carry load weighing up to 1.2 tons, making it a staunch and dependable workhorse for a variety of needs.

Suzuki Super Carry

The Super Carry is a model that aims to please, offering power through a robust engine with superior fuel economy. A range of features such as generous load space, durability and reliability combined with a functional cabin make the truck a new power player on the roads.

Touting a gamut of functions and features designed for security and safety, the Super Carry provides the versatility for all kinds of work, from cargo truck to mobile business. Primarily designed for small enterprises, it carries a maximum payload of 745kg, including passengers, while remaining easy to maneuver and position in tight spaces and traffic.

Isuzu N-Series

Equipped with Isuzu’s Blue Power technology, the N-Series of commercial vehicles will allow for efficient and dependable deliveries all while maintaining eco-responsibility. Not only does the new Euro IV Compliant Blue Power Diesel Engine provide cleaner, more energy-efficient service, it also comes with the added benefit of additional power and durability. All that comes at no cost to the lineup’s versatility. The Isuzu N-Series offers the performance, toughness, and functionality that makes it a great multi-purpose truck. With features like a sturdy and durable ladder frame chassis, a rugged undercarriage, and extensive anti-corrosion treatment on the cab and frame, it’s hard to go wrong. — Bjorn Biel M. Beltran