Palay farmgate price rises in 3rd week of June

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THE average farmgate price of palay, or unmilled rice, continued to rise in the third week of June to P21.36 per kilogram (kg.), the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) said.

In PSA’s “Updates on Palay, Rice and Corn Prices” report, the price rose 10.79% year on year and 0.56% week on week with the approach of the so-called lean months in July.

The average price at wholesale and retail for well-milled and regular-milled rice also increased.

The average wholesale price of well-milled rice rose 0.22% week on week and 6.86% year on year to P41.46 per kg.

The retail price rose 0.18% week on week to P44.21 per kg., which was up 5.77% year on year.

The average wholesale price of regular milled rice grew 0.32% week on week to P38.06 per kg., which was up 8.77% from a year earlier.

White and yellow corn grain were mixed in the third week of June, with yellow corn grain rising and white corn grain falling week on week.

The average farmgate price for yellow corn grain rose 0.43% and 23% week on week and year on year, respectively, to P13.90 per kg.

The wholesale price rose 0.45% to P20.16 per kg, which was up 12.19% year on year.

The retail price rose 0.78% week on week and 9.27% year on year to P24.63 per kg.

White corn grain at farmgate level fetched P16.16 per kg., down 0.06% week on week and up 17.78% year on year.

At wholesale, white corn grain fell 0.61% to P21.25 per kg. though it rose 28.17% from a year earlier.

The average retail price was P29.92 per kg., down 0.60% week on week and 3.73% year on year. — Anna Gabriela A. Mogato