Grab assures customers amid data breach concerns

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GRAB Philippines on Friday assured customers and drivers of the security of its data systems, amid concerns after its rival Uber admitted it had covered up a massive data breach that occurred last year.

“We take all measures to comply with the Data Privacy Act so our commitment is to fully subscribe to the rules and regulations. And we haven’t experienced any as such to date — [in] the five years we’ve been operating,” Grab country manager Brian P. Cu told reporters at the company’s first customer experience office in Makati City on Friday.

As added measure, Grab is also looking to boost security and transparency features to protect drivers and riders.

“We’re rolling out insurance programs for the drivers, and subsidized GPS for the drivers and we’re also looking at in-app features to make the rider’s identity more transparent,” Mr. Cu said.

Mr. Cu said the only details stored in Grab’s system are the trips and the submitted names of the app users. Credit card details are stored with a third party.

At the same time, the Grab Philippines official said there many not be enough drivers to meet the demand during the holiday season, sine the company has not been able to accept new applications. At present, Grab would need an additional 8,000 to 10,000 cars to keep up with the demand.

As a solution, Mr. Cu encouraged the riders to also make use of the carpooling feature.

”There will be a 30% increase in demand but supply remained the same, except for last year since there were some [people who signed up]. In October, we weren’t able to serve 100% of the demand already,” he said.

“Until now we’re not accepting, so definitely the extra load of 30% increase in demand it will be very, very hard to service them. As a solution, Grab has been trying to get drivers to extend their working hours and encouraging their part-time drivers to go full-time,” he added.

Grab Philippines on Friday opened their first customer experience office, which provides both voice and non-voice customer services 24/7. The office will have a capacity of around 200 employees. — Anna Gabriela A. Mogato