Born winner

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Rey Joble

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Kiefer Ravena has built a reputation as a winner.

From high school to college, to the national team all the way to the pro ranks, the second generation cager has established himself as a winner.

That mentality is something he would like to bring to the NLEX Road Warriors and even in his rookie year, head coach Yeng Guiao had seen this on Ravena.

Never mind if he’s taking bigger responsibilities. That’s how the young player is built, taking the leadership role even though he is a newcomer. He may be taking the leadership mantle but he made sure he’ll get his teammates involved and have them on his back.

At times, his coach, Yeng Guiao, would think Ravena is biting more than what he can chew, but Ravena is eager to prove that he can swallow it and digest whatever he had taken.

In the quarterfinals series against Alaska, Ravena showed to everyone the making of a big-time performer.

With the PBA now serving as his stage, Ravena proved to all and sundry what he can showcase. On the court, he had become a master showman.

His big baskets down the stretch in Game 1 of their best-of-three series against the Aces keyed the Road Warriors’ victory.

In Game 2’s series-clinching win, Ravena would dish out another all-around game, finishing with 11 points, seven assists and two steals.

But when the time comes for him to take over the scoring mantle, the Phenom would rise to the occasion as in the case in Game 1 of their semifinals series against the Magnolia Hotshots. There, Ravena would become offensive-minded, scoring 16 markers, but his decision making down the stretch made him a certified go-to-guy.

He dished out a well-executed play to Alex Mallari, who hit the go-ahead three-point shot that propelled the Road Warriors in taking the head start over the Hotshots.

There would be more pressure-packed games in the days to come, but expect Ravena to be ready. He’s built to win games because he’s a born winner.


Rey Joble has been covering the PBA games for more than a decade. He is a member of the PBA Press Corps. and Philippine Sportswriters Association.