Work life is a crazy assortment of daily challenges, both big and small. And as with most things in our modern age, there’s always a new digital tool to help address those problems.
Check out these six digital solutions to problems every Filipino worker faces, developed and launched by Google Philippines.

Crawling through the Web…

Have you ever tried sending one last important email for the day during your evening commute home, only for your data connection to waver at the very last minute? Do your staredown contests with a loading screen take longer than the video that you’re supposed to watch?
The Google Station, a brand new public Wi-Fi platform, boasts high-quality internet connection (defined in this case as being able to play an HD-quality video without any buffering), which can be enjoyed through an unlimited number of 30-minute sessions.
Google Stations will be located in more than 50 venues across the country, including train stations, airports, government buildings, and malls.

… and through traffic

The awful traffic situation has become one of the biggest banes of work life. According to a 2017 report by the Boston Consulting Group for Uber Philippines, Filipinos spend 16 days stuck in traffic annually. This translates to a whopping P3.5 billion in daily economic losses, based on a 2017 report by the Japan International Cooperation Agency.
It could be helpful, therefore, to provide alternative routes for different kinds of vehicles. With Motorcycle Mode on Google Maps, motorcyclists learn shortcuts that car users can’t pass through. And for the latter who dread the hassle of number-coding day, Number-coding Mode shows alternatives to restricted roads. These routes are regularly updated and checked against MMDA regulations, so there’s no need to worry about being caught.

Alert: Information Overload

Having terabytes of information at our fingertips through the Internet is a blessing, but there may be times when it gets a little too much.
New app Google Go is able to manage this for you by condensing the latest trends across 13 categories like news, social, and sports. The more you use it, the more its AI will personalize the information you see according to your preferences. It also has a nifty feature useful for multitaskers: the app can read webpages aloud, even with a 2G internet connection.

Being haunted by job hunting

Looking for a job can be a daunting and stressful task. There’s somehow both a thousand options to comb through, and none that ever fit the bill just right.
Google Jobs can help streamline this process. With filters that allow customization based on factors like location and employer, searches across 500,000 job listings here and abroad can be narrowed down more easily.
Should you find a listing that’s perfect for you or your friends, you can choose to save it or share it with others. And if you’re constantly on the hunt for new opportunities, the program can also send alerts for relevant job listings based on your previous searches.

Too many responsibilities, too little time

Women are often pressured to take on multiple roles, at home and at work — and all the more for those with entrepreneurial dreams.
Thankfully, the Internet opens different avenues for women to learn more about entrepreneurship flexibly and at their own pace. The YouTube channel Digiskarteng Pinay, for example, will be offering modules ranging from STEM to beauty and fashion to cater to all kinds of women entrepreneurs.
Content partners include Coca-Cola Philippines (which will offer courses on micro-retail) and model/host/social media personality Bianca Gonzales (who will discuss how to build life skills).

Setting up (digital) shop

With the local e-commerce industry growing faster over the years, brick-and-mortar shops may be feeling the pressure to establish their presence online. But with so many technical aspects to consider, the not-so tech-savvy may feel too intimidated to even begin.
Through Google MyBusiness’ new partnerships with PLDT Enterprise and the Department of Trade and Industry, MSMEs will be assisted in digitizing their business information and completing their verification on the MyBusiness platform.
Once registered, MSMEs can avail of services such as provision of customer insights and a free customizable website to strengthen the business’ online presence.