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From the outside looking in, the global startup scene is a vicious cycle of disruption. One day you’re the shiniest new entrant in a bustling industry. The next, a bunch of fresh graduates unveil new tech that renders your entire industry obsolete.
What results is a goldmine for investors, and a minefield for businesses and entrepreneurs.
But rather than upend existing industries, some startups venture to complement them. By building new platforms and digital toolsets, these groups provide opportunities to streamline traditional business models in entirely new ways.
Enter Salarium, Maria Health, Cashalo, Cryptors Cybersecurity, and Valea Health — five startups looking to power existing MSMEs (micro, small, and medium enterprises) with powerful, new tech tools.
These firms were featured earlier this month in the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) event, Takeoff. Now on its third batch of startups, IBPAP’s event brought together startup founders, industry leaders, and potential investors to build networks for mentorship, funding and future growth.
“We believe that these new breeds of enterprises are the future of our country’s economy, as they can generate employment, diversify the industry’s service offerings, create a healthy business environment, and promote inclusive growth,” said Rey Untal, IBPAP president and CEO.
Here are five tech startups looking to boost your MSME’s services:


  • An end-to-end payroll automation system. “From the biometric to the ATM, it’s one seamless platform.”
  • Market Type: Enterprise, Software, HR
  • Founded: 2013

Maria Health

  • A platform for simple and easily accessible health insurance in the Philippines.
  • Market Type: Healthcare
  • Founded: 2016


  • A financial services marketplace for lending and borrowing money right from your mobile phone.
  • Market Type: Finance
  • Founded: 2017

Valea Health

  • A digital toolset that provides employees access to personalized lifestyle development tips, and chronic disease management.
  • Market Type: B2B Healthcare
  • Founded: 2016


  • Mobile app developer and digital security advisor that claims to “give the ability and weapon to block every kind of hacker, everywhere.”
  • Market Type: Mobile
  • Founded: 2015