Trading is for everyone with Olymp Trade

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Over the last four years, Olymp Trade has shown that anybody can earn money with trading. The company is proud of its services, and the successful records of its clients.

Here are the advantages of the Olymp Trade platform, and you can learn some of the features that make Olymp Trade’s clients so successful.

Risk-free trading in a demo account

If you have ever been curious about trading, but have been fearful of the financial risks involved, do not worry. You can learn about different instruments and trading strategies using a demo account, before putting any of your own capital on the line.

All registered users of the platform gain access to a training simulator, with an opening balance of 10,000 units. In this mode, you get access to real, up-to-date quotations, and can make simulated trades.

The Olymp Trade demo account is available to users immediately upon registration. There is no waiting or verification period for demo trading, so you can begin learning and testing immediately. Registration takes only minutes.

Intuitive analytical tools

The Olymp Trade platform offers a wide range of tools for market analysis, with user-friendly interfaces and easy-to-understand explanations of the algorithms behind them.

One such, for example, is the Relative Strength Index (RSI), which can be displayed on the platform for any asset. It displays the “strength” or “weakness” of an asset at a given time, based on its closing prices over a recent time period. This indicator is displayed graphically and intuitively.

The purple line here (under the main chart) is the RSI for the EUR/USD pair.

An RSI above 70 is an indication of weakness (ie., the price is likely to fall), and is a sign that the trader should short the asset. On the other hand, an RSI below 30 is an indication that the price will likely rise, and that the trader should take a long position.

There are many other analytical tools available to you on the Olymp Trade platform, but all have a similarly clear and intuitive interface as this.

Free education

Olymp Trade believes that to achieve its goal of bringing trading to everyone, it must provide high-quality educational materials, which are easy-to-understand and free.

Olymp Trade will never ask you to pay money to learn a trading strategy or to attend a traders’ webinar. It believes that those who wish to learn must be able to do so free of charge.

See the Education section of the platform to begin learning. The Indicators section includes all you need to know about technical indicators, and also information about automated traders’ assistants. The section on Strategies will introduce you to several common strategies used by traders, as well as to the reasoning behind them.

The platform also includes webinars with analysts and experienced traders, recorded for repeat viewing at any time. Each webinar focuses on a certain aspect of trading, including how to use a particular indicator or how to follow a certain strategy.

In addition to the many webinars Olymp Trade has already recorded, it continues to hold them, in order to keep on providing its valued clients with new and useful information.

Keep an eye on your email inbox and on the notifications section of the platform so that you do not miss any opportunities to have a conversation with our experts and hone your skills even further.

Proven quality

The decision to begin trading should be made carefully, as it entails trusting another party to hold onto your hard-earned assets. It is important that you can trust your broker to safeguard your deposit, and to carry out all operations reliably and honestly.

Olymp Trade is a member of the International Financial Commission (FinaCom), an independent organization which certifies the reliability of brokers and protects the rights of traders. Olymp Trade is also proud to report that it has been certified by Verifymytrade, another third-party verification organization.The certification includes a lengthy, detailed audit of all company activities.

Olymp Trade is a reliable company that guarantees the high quality of all its services.



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