The Villar Group taps MultiSys to embrace digital transformation

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(In photo from left to right: Paolo A. Villar, Manuel “Manny” B. Villar Jr., and David Almirol Jr.)

Engaged to multiple large-scale businesses, the Villar Group partners with Multisys Technologies Corporation, a leading software solutions company, to deliver game-changing solutions that will benefit its consumers.

“With the rapid advancement of new technology, the world has changed the way it operates. It is either you embrace change or get left behind, Engaging with MultiSys will fast-track our digital transformation and simplify our business processes,” said Paolo A. Villar, representing the Villar Group.

The partnership is also a natural progression for both companies, with each one expanding its footprint with the help of the other. As the Villar Group grows its businesses, MultiSys streamlines its business process through technology, giving the company an edge in the industry.

“We’re all hands on deck with the Villar Group considering we have a wide range of solutions covering various industries. We are eager to be their technology arm and to be able to service the Villar group and many Filipinos who will experience convenience through digital advancement,” said MultiSys President and CEO Dave Almirol Jr.