A HUMAN rights group has asked the Kalinga provincial government to review a resolution issued by the local anti-communist task force that tagged 18 non-government organizations as fronts for the communist movement.  

In a statement, Karapatan said the policy puts these organizations based in the Cordillera region in danger and makes them vulnerable to threats, harassment, and intimidation. 

“This resolution likewise undermines the fundamental principles of freedom of association and is violative of international laws and human rights norms,” it said.  

“We call on the Kalinga provincial government to review this resolution, which dangerously puts human rights defenders in harm’s way.”  

The group also called on the Commission on Human Rights to ensure that local anti-communist task forces uphold international human rights commitments and standards.  

The task force’s resolution also requires all entities representing themselves as non-government organizations to secure permits from the local government unit before they can conduct any activity.  

Among the groups tagged as communist fronts are Karapatan’s Cordillera chapter and the Cordillera Human Rights Alliance.  

Karapatan said the task force baselessly tagged these groups even though none of them have been found guilty of any crime or violation. 

“They (non-government organizations) play a vital role in facilitating grassroots participation, advocating for marginalized groups, and holding governments accountable for their actions,” it said. John Victor D. Ordoñez