WALK-IN SCANNERS will be installed at Davao City’s entry points in Sirawan and Lasang before the start of the Holy Week on April 14 for a speedy checking of vehicles and passengers, Task Force Davao (TF Davao) Deputy Commander Randolph G. Cabangbang announced. “Sometimes, aabot hanggang Panabo ang traffic (the traffic congestion goes all the way to Panabo City) because we inspect baggages and vehicles manually. If we can have walk in scanners, I think we could lessen the time of checking,” Mr. Cabangbang said. He noted that an average of 1,500 public utility vehicles pass through these two entrypoints in the city’s northeastern side. Private vehicles are subjected to a visual search by asking the driver and passengers to roll down their windows. “Unless you have probable cause like covering something at the back, there we conduct further search,” he said. — Maya M. Padillo