By Brontë H. Lacsamana, Reporter

VISUAL communications company Canva released on Wednesday a suite of new workplace products and features that can be accessed on any device as it aims to streamline design work systems for organizations of all sizes.

The new Visual Worksuite has Docs, Whiteboards, Websites, Video, and Data Visualization, all available on the platform for workplaces of various industries.

Canva Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Melanie Perkins said in a statement that visual communication has become an increasingly critical skill for teams of every size across almost every industry.

“With the launch of our new Visual Worksuite, we’re bringing simple design products to the workplace to empower every employee, at every organization and on every device,” Ms. Perkins said.

The new suite marks a milestone for Canva as it has reached 85 million global users who produce more than 180 designs every second.

Its main products include:

1. Canva Docs

Built with the modern workplace in mind, Canva Docs aims to make traditional text documents more visually captivating and allows multiple people to comment and collaborate in real-time. Users can also access Canva’s library of over 100 million design assets and embed them into their documents.

If the document needs to be presented, it can be converted into a full-fledged Canva Presentation with one click.

2. Canva Websites

Professionals can build simple to highly interactive websites using this new product. Catering even to those without technical skills, Canva Websites offers hundreds of templates, customizable domains, and adjustable page heights that one can use.

It also comes with Canva’s new Design Insights analytics feature, which provides information on site visits and a quick look at audiences and interests that can be used to drive engagement.

3. Canva Whiteboards

Made for teams who want to explore ideas together, Canva Whiteboards is an infinite canvas for brainstorming. It can contain sticky notes, images, diagrams, and even a synced timer to keep meetings on track. Canva’s team shared at the launch that this was created to bolster productivity in a world of hybrid work.

4. Video Background Remover

The Canva Video Suite now has a feature that allows users to remove the background from any video. The Video Background Remover is for those who want to create professional-looking content without needing a big budget or complex software.

5. Data Visualization

To level up data storytelling, the Flourish function makes it possible to turn dense data and statistics into simple, clear, and easy to understand interactive visuals. There are many templates to choose from to make complex data accessible, such as animated bar races or drill-down sunbursts.

6. Remote Control for Presentations

Canva has also added remote presentation control to its Presentation product. This enables multiple presenters to control the flow of a presentation from any device using a new virtual clicker.