By Arjay L. Balinbin, Senior Reporter

GLOBE GROUP’s Globe Business on Wednesday said it is currently reaching out to more micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the country to accelerate their digital transformation.

“Globe Business seeks to go beyond the surface by helping MSMEs with innovations that accelerate business growth, expertise that guides businesses forward, and… care that supports their journeys, so they can achieve more business breakthroughs,” said KD D. Dizon, head of MSME Group at Globe Business, during a virtual media event.

“We recognize the pain points of these MSMEs. To help them prevail, we provide innovative solutions that accelerate business growth,” she added.

MSMEs, which make up 99% of the country’s businesses, help reduce unemployment by creating jobs. They employ 63% of the country’s total work force.

“We believe that if we help them succeed, we also help our nation succeed,” Globe Telecom, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer Ernest L. Cu said.

Among Globe’s digital offerings are business-grade connectivity plans from GPlan Biz and GFiber Biz.

GPlan Biz is one of Globe’s connectivity plans intended for MSMEs.

“Aside from its basic mobile connectivity features, [GPlan Biz] allows users to use GCash for business to purchase digital solutions or pay suppliers conveniently, among others,” Globe Business said.

“Subscribers can enjoy unlimited 5G network for six months as well as unlimited text and call to all mobile networks and landlines nationwide,” it added.

Meanwhile, GFiber Biz Plus is a business-grade broadband plan that promises seamless online activity for MSMEs.

“It also comes with two pieces of Wi-Fi mesh that help strengthen internet coverage in different parts of an establishment, and unlimited calls to all mobile networks and landlines nationwide, allowing entrepreneurs to be worry-free of top-up call charges,” Globe Business said.

Vehicle Tracker is another digital solution that allows MSMEs to manage their fleet and ensure safe delivery with real-time monitoring feature.

Globe Business also introduced its Cloud Payroll, which automates employee records and fast-tracks payroll processing, as well as ChatGenie, which lets MSMEs manage their transactions across different channels on one platform.