Netflix released a list of its recommended smart TVs that are ideal for watching Netflix content.
The internet TV streaming giant came up with its Recommended TV program a few years ago to help consumers who want to buy a new TV that’s optimized for viewing streamed content.
“Our 2018 recommendations for TVs are faster and easier to use than ever, and we’ll keep testing new devices over the year to add to the list,” Netflix said.
Netflix said its list passed “a rigorous evaluation process” and added that its criteria evolves every year. Its criteria include having a fast app launch, a dedicated Netflix button on the remote control, and a high-resolution Netflix interface, among others.
For this year, Netflix recommends these smart TV models from LG and Sony:
• LG — 2018 4K UHD TVs with webOS 4.0
W8 | E8 | C8 | SK9900 | SK9600 | SK9500 | SK8500 | SK8100 | SK8070 | SK8000 | UK7800 | UK7700 | UK7500 | UK7400 | UK7100 | UK7000 | UK6900 | UK6800 | UK6700 | UK6600 | UK6500 | UK6400 | UK6300 | UK6200
• Sony — 2018 Sony Android TVs