SINCE people haven’t been going out due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, our homes have served as centerpieces in our lives. Kitchens in particular have taken on a particular importance, something that Focus Global, Inc., the distributor of Sub-Zero and Wolf (among other brands) in the country has focused on.

 Last week, the company unveiled the latest renovations to its Makati showroom in The Residences at Greenbelt. “Our brands Sub-Zero and Wolf have had the great honor of being part of Filipino homes for over 20 years,” said Lolita Sy, Executive Vice-President of Focus Global during a Zoom conference on May 6, adding that the brands entered the market in 2000. “Given the challenges of our times, our team has worked very hard the past year to make this showroom accessible.”

 While the showroom has been renovated, the pandemic has also made it necessary to do some housekeeping online. A revamped website features a virtual tour of this new showroom, and also makes it possible to book an appointment in advance (or even a video tour and talk with a representative).

 A virtual tour during the press conference showed the brands’ latest offerings. Sub-Zero is known as a food preservation specialist because of its advanced preservation technologies. Its refrigerators’ features include: a dual refrigeration system that ensures that air between the two compartments will never mix (which allows it to be cool and humid in the refrigerator and frigid and dry in the freezer); a NASA-based air purification technology that scrubs the air of odors, mold, viruses, bacteria, and ethylene every 20 minutes; and the precise temperature control which makes use of microprocessors that maintain interior temperatures within one degree of setpoint.

 They’ve also revamped the outdoor refrigeration and cooking units section, which shows outdoor grills and stoves by Wolf. The space was designed by architect Anna Sy, Managing Director of CS Design Consultancy, Inc. A press release also says, it “has taken COVID-19 safety protocols very seriously, to ensure clients a safe and delightful shopping experience.” 

 The products on the virtual tour are accompanied by little bubbles that show information about the product. Clicking on the little bubbles can also take you to view product specifications and other such details, and tools within the site make it easier for one to share product details with planners and designers.

 “For those who are not able to go out, it’s good to know that you can still explore the place through our virtual showroom from the safety and comfort of your home,” said Steven Sy, founder and President of Focus Global.

 Access the virtual showroom and website through and — JL Garcia