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Assessing the technological shifts driving the future workplace

By Adrian Paul B. Conoza, Special Features Writer Changes in the workplace have been more imminent than before with the arrival of new technologies and a...

Online learning: Five tech skills to build your next creative project

Expand your digital creative skills with these online courses.

Ten ways to invest in people for a brighter future for...

ILO proposes ten recommendations for the future of work.

Developing human capital for economic growth

To a layman, the relationship between education and economic growth is relatively straightforward. An educated population is a productive work force, and higher productivity...

Pursuing greater heights

Obtaining a degree in higher education for Filipinos is highly important. According to reports, Filipinos, in comparison to the global average, strongly believe in...

ICT Development Index 2015

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Economic growth projections from education reforms

Focusing on the quality of education could have more impact than increasing the number of years pupils spend in school. From the Asian Development Bank's...