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Centro creates anti-virus dividers for PUVs

CENTRO Manufacturing Corp. has designed a ready-to-install divider for public utility vehicles (PUV), adding to physical distancing measures that the government requires for transport operations during the quarantine period.

Modern PUVs for Tacloban

THIRTY-FIVE modern public utility vehicles (PUVs), like this solar-powered jeepney, have been added to Tacloban City’s transport system with the formal launching on July 11 of the One Time Big Time project.

Reimagining PUVs

The Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program is a large-scale initiative of the Philippine government aimed at transforming the entire public transportation system. Launched by...

LFTRB reminds PUVs to give student discounts as school starts next...

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) is reminding all public utility vehicles to give student discounts all-year round as classes resume next...