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Trump-Biden debate brawl embarrassed the US

I’VE WATCHED a lot of presidential general election debates. This was the first time that I spent much of the time hoping that the feed to foreign nations was somehow disabled, because what we saw Tuesday night — what President Donald Trump did on Tuesday night — was so deeply embarrassing to the nation. Whether it was the constant interruptions, or the refusal to condemn right-wing violence, or the false claims about the voting process and how they undermine the democracy, or the steady stream of false statements, or the habit of casting blame on anyone and everyone except for himself, or the wild conspiracy-theory rantings, Trump spent 90 minutes demonstrating how he’s not fit for the office he holds.

Trump’s acquittal boxes in Republicans

WITH MITT ROMNEY the sole Republican voting to remove the president from office, the Senate fell well short of convicting Donald Trump on two articles of impeachment today.

Why didn’t Republicans try harder to defend Trump?

THE HOUSE of Representatives has just impeached a United States president for the third time. I’ve talked about the politics of it before and will do so again as the action moves to the Senate. For now, I’ll stick with the substance of what happened on Wednesday.