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Google faces lawsuit over tracking in apps even when users opted...

OAKLAND — Alphabet Inc.’s Google records what people are doing on hundreds of thousands of mobile apps even when they follow the company’s recommended settings for stopping such monitoring, a lawsuit seeking class action status alleged on Tuesday.

Europe’s failure to tame Google’s dominance is a lesson for US

As US authorities ready the biggest antitrust case of the new century, there are lessons to be learned from Europe’s attempt to inject more competition into search, one of the most lucrative digital markets.

SC ruling on business inspections to boost PCC

THE PHILIPPINE Competition Commission (PCC) said the recent Supreme Court (SC) ruling that authorizes commercial courts to conduct inspection orders on business premises for anti-competitive behavior will bolster its investigation tools.

Netflix’s pursuit of Oscars may be antitrust issue

NETFLIX, Inc.’s pursuit of Academy Awards could become an antitrust issue.