What began as a labor of love in a home kitchen has blossomed into a thriving success story for Cley’s Food Products, thanks to the transformative power of TikTok Shop. Founded by Mia Velasco-Reyes, Cley’s journey began as a small home-based business with a single product: a crab paste recipe, crafted during the early months of her child Cley’s life. This humble beginning has since evolved into a testament to innovation and resilience in the digital age.

“I discovered TikTok Shop in October 2022, and it was a revelation. What started with a simple idea and a heartfelt product has grown exponentially. We’ve gone from fulfilling one or two orders a day to handling thousands,” said Mia. “TikTok Shop helped us a lot because our sales were low before. Now, our sales have increased by almost 60-70%, and we can ship to any part of the Philippines.”

The partnership with TikTok Shop has been instrumental in Cley’s rapid growth, propelling the brand into the mainstream. Furthermore, the surge in sales has boosted the business and created employment opportunities, transforming Cley’s from a single-employee operation to a thriving enterprise with a dynamic workforce that can reach up to 15 employees during peak order times.

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Leveraging TikTok Shop’s ACE Indicator System

One of the critical success factors for Cley’s has been its utilization of TikTok Shop’s ACE (Assortment, Content, and Empowerment) indicator system. This comprehensive approach has enabled Cley’s to optimize its product offerings, enhance content creation, and participate in empowering campaigns and advertisements. According to Mia, the ACE system has significantly helped Cley’s improve its performance and increase its sales.

Cley’s has leveraged the ACE system to provide exclusive discounts, ensure product availability, and optimize its product presentation. For instance, during the recent 6.6 sale, Cley’s offered a 30% discount, which contributed to a 16% increase in gross merchandise value (GMV) for its crab paste. The brand’s commitment to aligning its product assortment with market trends, such as launching its version of chicken pastil, has further propelled their success.

Content has also been a cornerstone of Cley’s strategy on TikTok Shop. By partnering with over 18,000 Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and engaging in extensive live selling sessions, Cley’s significantly increased its brand awareness and sales, collectively driving 49% of the brand’s GMV. “Through the help of affiliates, live selling, and short videos, we’ve been able to introduce our products to a broader audience,” Mia explained.

Engaging in Impactful Campaigns and Growth Initiatives

Cley’s participation in TikTok Shop’s Buy Local, Shop Local campaign has provided valuable exposure and growth opportunities. The brand has also strategically invested in shop advertisements, resulting in a 35% increase in ad revenue and a remarkable return on ad spend (ROAS) of 8.71. According to Mia, “These campaigns and advertisements offer us guidelines and support that are crucial for small entrepreneurs like us. It’s a blessing to be part of TikTok Shop Philippines.”

Looking ahead, Cley’s plans to leverage TikTok Shop’s ACE indicator system to sustain its growth. By continuously aligning its product assortment with market trends, optimizing content through live selling and affiliate partnerships, and engaging in empowering campaigns, Cley’s aims to maintain its upward trajectory.

“I believe in hard work, perseverance, and integrity. By staying true to these values and leveraging the tools provided by TikTok Shop, we’re confident in our continued success,” claimed Mia.


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