It just got easier to pay your way. Now more than ever, BDO Pay has indispensable features that make it your essential, everyday e-wallet.

BDO Pay allows clients to seamlessly link any and all their existing BDO credit and debit cards. They then choose from which account to send money or pay for purchases and bills. Comprehensive options made easier and effortless.

The BDO Pay app reflects BDO’s commitment to innovation and customer-relevant solutions, recognizing the uniqueness of each user’s financial journey. BDO Pay empowers them to transact with convenience and control.

Scan to Pay at all stores accepting BDO Pay. Cashless. Cardless. Experience how quick and handy it can be to pay for a quick coffee fix or items at the convenience store.

Send Money is as simple as selecting a BDO Pay contact name or using a QR code – especially useful for recipients withdrawing cash at any BDO ATM. Transfers to any BDO account are permanently FREE. For a limited time, BDO Pay transfers to other banks and e-wallets via Instapay are also FREE.

Pay Bills now includes a comprehensive list of billers. Saving a biller to your favorites streamlines future payments.

The BDO Pay app makes discovering one of the many BDO Deals easy, and with its location settings, users are readily notified of current merchant partner promos nearby. Loyalty and rewards redemption programs are soon to follow.

Expect more useful and exciting features of BDO Pay as it becomes your ultimate e-wallet!

Download BDO Pay to learn more about the app or visit the bank’s official website at


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