Intellicare believes that the way forward for healthcare is balancing high-touch and high-tech care.

The disruption brought about by the global pandemic proved to be an opportunity for us to reimagine how we deliver our services to our members safely without compromising the quality of care and patient experience.

As we are committed to adapt and innovate, we strive to provide our members multiple touchpoints to ensure ease and convenience in availing their benefits.

Here are some of the ways we stay in touch using technology.

AGORA Mobile App

Agora, Intellicare’s official mobile application, was developed with our members in mind. It is envisioned to be accessible, convenient, personal, and intuitive. Downloading this app will give our members easy access to a digital version of their health card along with other pertinent account information such as benefit plan and coverage. Members may also request and generate electronic referral control sheets (RCS) for consultations and diagnostics, locate accredited medical hospitals and clinics nearby, and search for affiliated doctors and dentists. Agora is available for download on Google Play and the App Store.


Even before the pandemic, we have recognized that telemedicine and mobile health are not just mere trends but are vital means of reimagining service delivery for healthcare in the future. Providing this channel helps us live up to our commitment of providing affordable, accessible, quality, and efficient healthcare. Remote consultation is here to stay. Intellicare’s telemedicine partners are TelAventusMD and Medgate Philippines.

Email Automation with RPA

To complement our customer service team, we have recently employed the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help us improve our turnaround time in processing email requests.

Remote Assistance of Patient Relations Officers

Even with limited physical interaction, we are able to assist our members during hospital admission and discharge through mobile calls and messages.

24/7 Call Center

Of course, if a member prefers the warmth of another person’s voice, we have our call center operating constantly to serve our members.

We understand that different people have different needs or preferences when it comes to requesting healthcare services so we make sure that we have an omni-channel approach.

These channels are just some ways we foster a nurturing relationship with our members. Hand in hand with human connection, this is the natural progression of our promise to provide access to quality and compassionate healthcare through changing times and continue to care in infinite ways.

For more information, you may visit and follow our official social media accounts. We are Intellicare on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter, and intellicareph on Instagram.


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