Logistics firms, which are involved in the movement, storage, and flow of goods, serve as the backbone of a nation’s economy. Both within and across international borders, they facilitate trade and commerce and help businesses get their products to customers.

This role is heightened in light of the pandemic, where disruptions to the value chain has created outsized effects on the global economy, which in turn has affected overall competitiveness, economic growth, and job creation in many countries. Therefore, the importance of logistics to local and international business cannot be overstated.

Entrego, as a technology-driven business solutions provider for the fulfillment and logistics needs of enterprises in the Philippines, takes these responsibilities seriously. This is why the company has made efforts to improve its services to become an enabler of Philippine business and become a reliable logistics and fulfillment partner for companies of all sizes.

Competitive and quality service to fulfill every need

Entrego boasts of a nationwide reach with hubs strategically located across the Philippine archipelago, along with state-of-the-art facilities offering solutions such as courier express parcels for delivering premium documents and bulky items for business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) clients; domestic freight forwarding via air, land, and sea; as well as contract logistics for the designing, development, and operation of fulfillment centers and cross-docking facilities for its clients.

As such, Entrego ensures end-to-end logistics fulfillment from first mile pickup to last mile delivery.

Entrego’s contract logistics solutions, in particular, are designed to cover and add value to any supply chain even during these disruptive times. This is so that clients can prioritize their core competencies while Entrego utilizes its logistics expertise to handle the supply chain.

Entrego provides efficient and reliable inbound, put-away, storage, order processing, outbound, and reverse services. The company also uses a sophisticated Warehouse Management System (WMS) in all of its processes, starting with an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to clients’ systems. Through this, clients are provided real-time visibility of their stock levels and can track inventory locations and order processing in real time throughout the warehouse operations.

The Entrego omni-channel solutions ensure reliability when it comes to storage of high volumes or even small parcels. With a focus on continuous improvements and a highly responsive team, Entrego aims to provide customizable and scalable solutions to manage any warehouse requirements in the country for both B2B and B2C solutions.

Depending on the industry’s specific needs, Entrego’s suite of customizable solutions are guaranteed to fit into any requirement and operation.

“Entrego’s Contract Logistics e-commerce division looks back over the past months at a road paved with improvements in the warehouse processes and performance to new opportunities for even more success. At the helm is a strong and experienced team, and modern warehouse management systems to continue this journey to success with our partners,” Leonardo Loreto III, Entrego Express Corporation Contract Logistics Operations Manager, said.

Leading the growth of Philippine logistics

As a leading provider of courier and express parcel delivery, freight forwarding, and contract logistics services in the country, Entrego aims to seize the opportunity created by the growth of e-commerce and help put the spotlight on Philippine business.

Having a wide network in the Philippines allows Entrego clients to reach 95% of the e-commerce serviceable market in the country. Meanwhile, through its logistics solutions platform myEntrego, micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) can have easy access to pickup and delivery services, enabling their growth and expansion.

“As the year 2021 ends, the journey of e-commerce is thriving. Various research shows that e-commerce market in the Philippines will grow four times in size over the next five years. Visit the Entrego website to know more about our capabilities, storage locations and promotions!” Moritz Becker, Entrego Logistics Corporation Contract Logistics Director, said.

“The Entrego Group’s warehousing and transport solution, with a multi-platform and multi-channel connection to major marketplace platforms or to any webstore, provides the flexibility required for the demands of any e-commerce business of any scale.”

Entrego has a wide portfolio of servicing partners from industries including banking and finance, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, retail, automotive, fast-moving consumer goods, education, and construction.

Entrego continues to study the country’s logistics demand to complement with process improvements, new services, and increase in capacity nationwide.

For more information about Entrego’s capabilities, storage locations, and promotions, visit www.entrego.com.ph. For service inquiries, send an email to info@entrego.com.ph.


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